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Avoiding the Gym? Try These Home Workouts To Occupy Your Time

With the recent outbreak of COVID19, public officials and the Government are mandating that citizens stay home with an oncoming of illness. If you're one who's cautious and want to avoid the gym altogether, there are some ways to burn calories at home!


The amazing thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere. During warmer months, yoga gatherings at public parks are common. However, due to trying times, being indoor has been a go-to for yoga lovers. Whether you're a yoga vet or beginner, this at-home activity has many benefits. Some of them include increased flexibility, muscle strength, improved athletic performance, vitality, balanced metabolism, and improved athletic performance. Another great thing about yoga is it's relatively free. All you need is a yoga mat and video (many of which you can find for free on YouTube) and you're all set.


If you can afford one, the treadmill is a great at-home workout that will help you burn tons of calories. There are no worries of nasty bacteria left behind by strangers and there's a bit of tranquility of having your own running machine at home. Whether it's a HIIT exercise (Hit Intensity Interval Training) or a couple of miles, the treadmill will provide the workout routine that you need with full avoidance of the gym.

Home Workouts

The great thing about home workouts is the vast variety to choose from. Websites such as Beachbody, FitnessBlender, and all provide convenient at-home exercises. Everything from weight training, cardio or yoga are all available on these websites with many of them being free. Pelton (an at-home cycling circuit) also offers live streaming including a personal trainer with a subscription in case you're missing that "group fitness" feeling. With the right equipment and programs, there will be no need to venture out.

By: Jay Denson

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