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Explored Wellness Launches New Website

Explored Wellness, which started out as a newsletter is a wellness brand started by editor and co-founder Joanna Cox. The brand recently launched its website which offers a range of health and wellness information that includes intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Its mission is for people seeking a better, happier, healthier, life.

"Explored Wellness is a site dedicated to the people who spend hours researching and cross-referencing anything from vitamins to new diets, how to manage work/life balance, or which product is worth their money. If you hear about a new wellness or lifestyle trend and want to make up your own mind, and not take their word for it, this site’s for you,” said Explored Wellness Editor & Co-Founder Joanna Cox. “We curate our content based on subjects we’ve encountered in our own lives. We spend time researching and explaining the technical sources we use, so you can understand what’s being said and decide what’s best for you.”

The wide variety of topics are broken down into various categories: Mind + Body, Heart + Soul, Family + Social, Work, Money, and Environment. You can check out Explored Wellness and all there is to offer at

By: Jay Denson

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