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Finding Your Motivation

As we settle into a full year of life with COVID, working out can become challenging, especially if you're in an area where gyms are shut down. Here are some tips on helping you find your motivation during such trying times.

Building your home gym:

Whether you're living in an apartment or house, having access to workout equipment is critical in helping yourself maintain your workout routine. Depending on your budget, you want to start small. So whether it's kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands, starting with a small set of weights is often affordable and will put you on the right path to developing a routine at home. My suggestion is to carve out a small budget, and include the essentials such as a yoga mat, weights, and exercise bike for cardio. Once you've committed to spending money on equipment, it will be the launchpad for building a consistent routine.


I have mentioned this many times during my podcasts, but finding a really good YouTube channel will help you stay consistent, and best of all, it's free! What's amazing about it is, there are so many options and programs to choose from that will get you on the right path. Yoga and stretching were options I was lacking in my workout routine and I found multiple short 10-15 minute videos dedicated to just that. It's good to write down your schedule and "trim the fat" of unutilized time and incorporate the necessary programs in your regimen.

Accountability Partner:

The thing we often miss about working out is the absence of someone holding us accountable for it. For those that lack self-discipline, having an accountability partner will help you reach your goals. Common ways to accomplish this is by joining fitness groups whether it's social network platforms or apps with fitness communities. There's something about joining a community and seeing people post their workouts that provides the necessary motivation needed to get started. If you have a significant other, challenge them to hold you accountable as well. Sometimes we need that gentle nudge to help us get going.

Health & Wellness:

Finally, we all want to remember the main reason why we started working out in the first place. Although all of our goals are different, the main reason for exercising is to maintain a consistent level of health and wellness. I keep that mindset every day I get up. Building a healthy immune system, training your body for (ADL: Activities Daily Living) are all good enough reasons to motivate yourself to live the most fulfilling, healthy, and enjoyable life possible.

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