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Fitbit Offers Free Workouts And Premium Membership During Pandemic

In an effort for members to stay active and healthy during the pandemic, Fitbit will offer free services and workout videos.

Fitbit announced this week that it will offer a free 90-Day Premium trial membership to all its users in an effort to stay healthy during COVID-19. This will include access to over 150 video workouts, nutritional programs, 45 + wellness sessions, custom challenges for you and friends, sleep analysis, and wellness reports that track trends.


If you're not a FitBit user or would rather not sign up for the 90-Day Trial, the company is offering free videos on their YouTube channel. This ranges from Quick Classes, Full-Body Classes, and Focused Classes.


Free wellness videos are also available ranging from Sleep, Meditation, and Relax. The company has been at the forefront of offering free to low-cost services to its members. They have also provided information regarding COVID-19 on their app in an effort to raise awareness during this time.

By: Jay Denson

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