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Fitness Equipment That's On Sale And Available Right Now!

Home gyms are growing and fitness equipment is in high demand. With retailers having little to no stock, we found some items that are on sale and available right now!

Resistance Bands

These items are a staple for home workouts and in high demand. Some retailers are price gouging anywhere between 10% to 30% above the market average. However, we managed to find a few deals online, in stock, and ready to ship today! United States (Ships Worldwide)

This website specializes in one thing and one thing only...bands! Right now they have deals throughout the website. Their featured deal of the month is:

BUY2GET1: Any 3 items to your cart with the 3rd 50% off.

BUY4GET2: Any 6 items to your cart with 2 items 50% off.

BUY6GET3: Any 9 items to your cart with 3 items 50% off.

What's also great about this website is most of their products are already marked down. They have an elastic band set (ranging from X-Light to X-Heavy) on sale for $19.99. Their Fit Bands V2 is a resistance band set that includes 4 bands, handles, leg straps, and a door anchor on sale for $39.99. There's also an AB Roller wheel on sale for $29.99. You can get all the essentials from this website for a great price! (Canada)

The Canadian website specializes in supplements, protein bars, and vitamins. But they also have resistance bands as well offering monthly deals.

Their current offers include a Glute Blaster, resistance bands that attach to a waist strap with a goal of training your hamstrings, quads, and yes...glutes! The package comes with a pad (for your knees) carry bag and manual. It's on sale for $45.99. There's also a resistance band set that includes a set of 3 bands, handle, and carry bag all on sale for $20.24. The company ships throughout Canada and the product is delivered within 3-5 business days.


When the gyms began to close, this piece of equipment instantly became a high-demand item. That's because kettlebells take a lot of time to manufacture and often outsourced making it extremely difficult to meet demand. Right now kettlebells are scarcely unavailable either out of stock, back-ordered or limited in quantity.

We managed to find a few retailers that are taking pre-orders receiving shipments this month and shipping mid-May to early June. They are pricey (due to manufacturing costs) but your best bet is to buy them in bulk if you can afford to. Here's a list of the following: (Canada)

WhiteLionsAthletics is a Canadian company and has very limited stock on kettlebells. When I say limited I mean 32kg and 48kg only! The 32kg is priced $128 CAD while the 48kg is priced $198 CAD. Extremely overpriced for a hunk of iron, but if you're desperate it's available. While all other sizes are sold out, you can add your name to the back order list by providing an email. You will be notified when restocking occurs. (Canada)

As per their website, the Canadian company will be receiving its second wave of shipment in May with an estimated shipping date of early June. They are currently offering 20% off on their kettlebells and kettlebell sets. From my observation, it's better to go with the kettlebell sets as you get more value for your money.

For example, they offer the "Cute Set" that includes a 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, and 12kg kettlebell (single only) for $300. That's a really good deal for a set consider individual kettlebell pricing is sky-high currently. The website offers a wide-range of kettlebell sets ranging from $300 to $3,200 CAD. If you can afford it, it's a great investment and you'll have a variety of sizes to accommodate your workout routines. The website is currently accepting pre-orders and once purchased you will be notified of your shipping date. (United States)

KettlebellKings is an American website based out of Austin, Texas. As per their website, they are receiving a restock the week of May 4th with estimated shipping by the week of May 25. You can submit your email address with the weight preference and you will be notified upon arrival. Again, pretty pricey for individual kettlebells, but we will stay on top of American sources so we will be updating in future blog posts.

In the next coming weeks, it will be our mission to make it on ongoing effort to find the best deals and notify our readers on restocking for high-demand items. Be sure to subscribe to our website in our "Blog" section to be notified via email. Also, follow us on Instagram @Fit.Health.Well and Facebook for updates!

By: Jay Denson

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