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New York City Leads Nation In COVID-19 Crisis

New York City is leading the nation in the amount of COVID-19 cases it's dealing with and the numbers are growing at a staggering rate!

The numbers have come out recently regarding how many New Yorkers are being affected by COVID-19 and it's alarming. As of March 25th, 2020 as per New York City Health, there are 20,011 active cases in addition to 230 deaths in New York City alone. Dividing the cases by borough there are 1,116 in Staten Island, 3,542 in the Bronx, 3,616 in Manhattan, 5,232 in Brooklyn and an astonishing 6,420 cases in Queens.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY has become critical reporting 13 deaths in one day. As per the New York Times, Dr. Colleen Smith (an ER Doctor) took cellphone footage of what first responders are dealing with and how patients are being affected during this period. In the video, Dr. Smith goes on to explain how the hospital doesn't have enough medical supplies to treat patients. She also states how she used the same N95 mask for multiple patients during the course of one day which was the same mask she was using since Friday.

The situation has become critical at this location and many hospitals around New York City as first responders and Governor Cuomo are asking the public including public officials for much needed medical supplies. I spoke with Jennifer Svahn Nicastro who is a FASC Vascular Surgeon operating out of Northwell Health in NYC. In our upcoming episode set to air March 27th, 2020, we discuss the current crisis around COVID-19 in New York City and how the public can help ease the strain on local hospitals.

New York State and the city are in dire need of medical supplies and many are collecting donations in an effort to support these local hospitals. If you're looking to help, A Million Masks: Coronavirus Support Fund is collecting donations and medical supplies for area hospitals affected by COVID-19. The GoFundMe was started by a group of medical professionals and they have successfully collected over $300,000 towards their goal of $500,000 to help get relief for first responders and medical facilities. If you're an organization or would like to donate, please click the link above to help.

Finally, we ask that during this time you continue to be vigilant in the fight against COVID-19. We know that you're lives as you knew it has been compromised. However, until this virus is under control there is a need to continue practicing social distancing, staying at home as much as you can and practicing clean habits. Continue to wash your hands, sanitize, avoid hoarding and check on loved ones. We're dealing with something that many of us has never seen before on a global level and it will take citizens and professionals to eradicate this virus.

By: Jay Denson

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