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Self-Isolation Advice From Men Who Lived In Solitary Confinement

People around the world are adjusting to a new way of life, but it's a scene all too familiar with people who served time in prison.

For many, the concept of self-isolation is foreign, especially to extroverts. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world are being forced to self-quarantine and it's become a challenging task. It will take a toll on mental health especially if you don't have a clue on what to do with your time. This situation is common for prisoners that lived in solitary confinement.

Many prisoners are locked up for years with no human interaction and the living conditions are often deplorable. Small cells, dark environments, horrible food and only one hour of recreational activity is enough to make anyone go insane. Studies have shown that long periods of isolation have devastating effects on the brain. This includes sustained stress, memory loss, hallucinations, and the decrease of new neurons.

So when prisoners who lived in solitary confinement were asked how did they cope, they were able to offer some helpful advice to the public. The main takeaway is keeping your mind occupied during isolation. So doing something that you love to do will assist in the development of your brain and keep you busy during this period. Also engaging in some form of physical activity is essential. Although most of the public won't have to endure the deplorable conditions of prison, we can take advantage of our amenities by taking short walks, runs, and partake in at-home exercises. Keeping not only the body but the mind occupied is critical in both brain and physical development.

By: Jay Denson

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