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Social Activities While Social Distancing

As we all adjust to this new way of life, many of us stuck with boredom are finding new ways to be socially active during COVID-19. Here are some things you can do with friends while being quarantined.


Online gaming is on a rise during COVID-19, but self-isolation doesn't mean you need to isolate yourself totally. If you're a gamer, this is the perfect time to find some friends online and do some serious gaming. It's the perfect activity to past the time and it's amazingly fun!

If you're into a board-game style of play, Jackbox Games has a collection of party packs that you can play remotely with friends. All it requires is a host (someone who has downloaded the party pack through their gaming system) and a Twitch account where you can join via an invite. Another great addition to the Jackbox series is the wide variety of games to choose from. Games like "You Don't Know Jack", "Fibbage" and the "Jackbox Party Packs."

If you're into card games, one of the most popular ones out right now is "Cards Against Humanity" which can be played online. You can do this by visiting the website You will need to create a room code, then invite your friends, which will enable you to access the card game that can be played with up to 6 people. I played this game remotely in addition to a group chat and it's extremely engaging. There are also other games on the website like Checkers, Crazy 8's and customizable games. So be sure to get creative, gather some friends and have a good time!


Jason Altidor is a personal trainer from Canada known for his outdoor and indoor training videos. He gained popularity recently with his toilet paper workout which has gone viral through many news sources. In a time of toilet tissue deficiency, if you find yourself with a few extra rolls, Jason put together a little routine to help you along.

Not enough toilet tissue? No problem! All you need for Jason's "Throw In The Towel" routine are two towels. Yes, you heard me....two towels and that's it! This workout focuses primarily on the core with some leg exercises mixed in. What's great about his routines is that they're all "self-isolating" workouts that you can do in your home, on your own time with minimal to no equipment. He also goes LIVE on Instagram daily (since the COVID-19) quarantine to train the public for FREE! Be sure to follow him @jason_thecore_altidor and his YouTube channel as well.

Digital Dance Parties

With everything being shut down DJ's are getting creative and bringing the club to us! Former rapper Derrick Jones also known as DJ: D-Nice was at the forefront of this movement. During March he was one of the first DJ's to host his club mix on Instagram Live dubbing it "Club Quarantine." His videos soon went viral once he got a visit from former First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama. He asked someone on his timeline to reach out and a few minutes later she solidified her presence and approval by giving him a "thumbs up." Some are even dubbing him the "Coronavirus Hero" as he provides an outlet for nostalgic music lovers who are unable to get out of the house and dance.

For the LGBT community and allies, you have not been left out! Many DJ's that cater to the community have made online accommodations.

For a small donation of $5, SLO'MO provides a digital dance party every week. The group which originated in a Chicago bar in Logan Square was forced to take the party online after mandated public closures went into effect around the United States. In an article for TIME magazine, the group's co-founder Kristen Kaza explained the transition.

“We’ve never canceled in nine years and we didn’t want to let people down now, so we really quickly figured out how to have all digital dance party of all ages,” Kaza tells TIME. “Our party’s mission is to provide joy and a sense of community connection, although we’re getting creative now with putting it online, it’s a reminder to people that we can still do this, we can still find ways to get together — we’re just using different tools and environments to do that.”

You can follow SLO'MO on Instagram @slomoparty.

Toronto based artist DJ Ace Dillinger started her own movement. Her mixes of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, and Soca are just some of the tunes that will get you moving and shaking while being quarantined. Her parties also promote social activity while practicing "social distancing" through this time. Followers are able to follow her on Instagram and engage in a "group-like" party atmosphere while being isolated. For participation, followers can receive an invite through Zoom (a video conference website) and engage in a digital house party (meaning that literally in every sense of the word.) In an interview with Toronto Life,

Dillinger explained that there was a party theme for each month with the next one being hosted on April 24th for a small donation.

By: Jay Denson

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