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The T2 Iso-Trainer Launches on Kickstarter Campaign.

There's never a lack of options when it comes to technology and new equipment in the world of fitness, and the T2 Iso-Trainer is a new device that will allow you to have a complete body workout.

What makes the device so appealing is that it's a portable, compact fitness device that will allow you to have a complete workout routine no matter where you are. Whether it's the gym, park or beach, the T2 Iso-Trainer will assist a novice to the most experienced trainer. There are over ten training methods that can be utilized which include: Isokinetic, Isometric, Iso-Elastic, Suspension, Plyometric, Bungee, Aerobic, Flexibility, Functional and HIIT. The biggest benefit is that the user can move freely without ever letting go of the handles and the freedom of changing plates or bands.

“The T2 Iso-Trainer was inspired by friction devices created for astronauts. I worked with Dr. Anthony Abbott, founder of the Fitness Institute International, and the exercise physiologist who developed NASA’s ‘Man in Outer Space’ to help create the ultimate workout device,” said Steve Kushner, Inventor of the T2 Iso-Trainer. “Dr. Abbott told me this device is a far superior improvement over what they developed for NASA and the most effective product on the market.”

At the core of the T2 Iso-Trainer is die-cast metal with force lock resistance housing. What that means is, unlike a pulley, there are no moving parts stabilizing the device and providing resistance training that pits each muscle group against each other. For users on the go, the anchor strap can be secured to any high or low-level attachments.

If you would like to pre-order or support this device you can do so by visiting their Kickstarter campaign on the website.

By: Jay Denson

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