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Why Staycations Are Important

We've heard the term before, "You're taking time off?" "Where are you going?" where some of us reply, "I'm on a Staycation." But for the unfamiliar what does that really mean?

A "Staycation" is when someone decides not to travel abroad and stay home. Now there are different variations of "staying home." When it comes to a staycation, believe it or not, there are a few options:

Getting Stuff Done: Depending on your work schedule, you're probably so bogged down at the office that by the time you get home you have just enough time to bathe, eat and watch one or two of your favorite shows before you're back to bed again. What's problematic about this are a few things: 1) You're spending an absorbent amount of time working and not enough time taking care of the home. 2) You're at the risk of burning yourself out. When work-life balance goes unchecked, simple chores, errands, and tasks at home aren't taken care of. As a result, one can become overwhelmed. I've often heard people say, "I need a vacation from my vacation." Which often means, their vacation truly isn't a vacation. If you're spending your time off catching up with unfinished tasks at home, you may want to take a second and re-evaluate your staycation.

Recommendation: It's important to keep your work-life balance in check. If you work a five day work week with weekend off, set aside a Saturday or Sunday to catch up on chores so when it comes time to take time off, you truly have an opportunity to rest.

Staying Local: The best thing about this option is saving a lot of money on travel. Just think about it, no plane tickets, hotel, dining, etc. When you opt to stay local during your vacation, quite frankly it's a lot cheaper. In the warmer months, there are tons of festivals and outdoor events with many of them being free. It's the perfect opportunity to take the time and enjoy your city as if you're visiting your hometown for the first time.

Recommendation: Depending on your preference and region, the most favorable time to take a staycation is during the warmer months. With many outdoor events going on, it's one of the best times to take advantage and see the sights of your city.

Mental Break: Mental Health is one of the most important aspects of our well-being. It's encouraged that employees take time off just so they can unwind from their daily grind. This is where a staycation is most valuable. If you suffer from stress or depression from your job, chances are you need a break. Utilize that time to focus on yourself. This can include engaging in your favorite hobby, reading, spending time with loved ones or just catching up on some well-deserved rest. Whatever you need to get yourself back on track do it so your mind is clear and you can regain focus in your day-to-day.

Recommendation: Prior to your staycation, set up "away" messages for all emails. Resist the urge to check your emails. Turn off all work-related notifications. Be confident in the fact that your job won't burn to the ground without you and spend your time off taking care of yourself.

By: Jay Denson

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